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About Us

How Wear My Prayer was born

Wear My Prayer was founded by Galya Harish, a business woman and an entrepreneur who has been specializing for many years in the building and growing of multinational brands.

Following many years in the fast moving world of retail and fashion, Galya decided to realize a dream, a prayer she has been carrying with her for many years – to create meaningful jewelry that can change people’s lives.

A personal story, and a prayer

"Going through life, you realize that we all have many prayers; no matter what religion we have or where we are from. Our prayers change by the day, sometime by the hour.

We pray to find love, keep our love or be loved. We pray for the health of our loved ones, we pray to keep healthy. We pray to be happier, more relaxed and to be in peace with others in our lives. We pray for success in whatever we do.

However, during our busy days, we forget these prayers. We get swayed with everyday life…and forget to practice what we prayed for.

I realized that when you wear your prayer close to your heart, it’s a constant, physical reminder of what you wished for or of what others wished for you; and as you touch your jewel during the day, you think about the prayer it holds, you feel its energy and your prayers can become a reality.

This is what Wear My Prayer is all about – creating trendy, chic jewellery that will carry your prayers close to your heart in style. We believe that when you wear your prayer, good things happen.

Since we started Wear My Prayer, we received numerous personal and powerful stories about how meaningful jewelry has changed people's lives.

I invite you to read our testimonials, visit our blog, and send us your personal experience after wearing your prayer.

Yours truely,


Our Jewelry

We work with passion to create fashionable & trendy jewelry with content and meaning that will make them meaningful for life.

We draw our inspiration for style and fashion from the latest fashion shows, trend setters and through collaborations with renouned designers and fashion institutions.

In creating our jewels and the meaning they hold, we are inspired by ancient cultures and traditions (such as the cross cultural & religions prayer boxes, prayer beads, spiritual symbols, the Kaballa etc') as well as by modern teachings and theories such as the “Secret”, the “Work” of Katie Byron and meaningful teachings that help us live better.

The outcome is beautiful, meaningful jewelry that can change lives.

We are constantly adding to our collections, through our creative collaborations and search for meaningful jewelry. To be the first to know about special offers and new jewels, join our mailing list.


Wear your prayer (or give it to someone you love)...

Good things will happen.